Practice Areas

Property, Leases and Evictions

Although some people group property law and construction law together, at our firm we prefer to consider them separately at least for systematic reasons. By property law we are referring to matters that reach our office once the construction process has been completed, such as:

1. The sale and purchase of properties.
2. Register entries.
3. Creation of easements. 
4. Rights of usufruct. 
5. Area and boundary rectification.
6. Or the adaptation of cadastral and land registry measurements to reality.

To this end, we offer assistance in numerous legal transactions regarding properties and real estate companies. 

We also offer legal advice in any area of Rental Law, both for urban and rural properties and more specifically: 

1. In drawing up, interpreting and defending rental contracts. 
2. In formal out of court notifications to the owner or tenant. 
3. In exercising rights deriving from rental contracts. 
4. We offer legal counsel in civil eviction proceedings.