Practice Areas

Debt Collection

We are experts in recovering debts and defaults, both from private individuals and companies, and in liability claims against the directors of insolvent companies.

We are aware of the significant damage that defaults cause clients and therefore we have specialised in this area and can offer clients: 

1. Advice about arrears to prevent defaults occurring (i.e. regarding problems with invoicing, transport, delivery of goods, etc.).
2. . Investigation and enquiries into the debtor’s assets and, in the case of certain companies, into the solvency of their directors.
3. Arranging an amicable or out of court settlement, seeking a more immediate solution by negotiating payment arrangements with the debtor.
4. And lastly, of course, taking legal action with the subsequent seizure of the debtor’s assets.

Furthermore, if the debtor is an insolvent company, we can investigate whether its directors have incurred any liability, in which case we can bring legal proceedings against them so that they are liable for repaying the debt from their personal assets.